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3 December 12, 2018


1. Jacob Owusu Sarfo
The JARE and Open Access: What to Expect in 2019

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 95-96.

Articles and Statements

2. Liudmyla Peretiaha, Oksana Buhakova
Developing Pedagogical Culture of Parents in Kharkiv

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 97-102.

This article explored the essence and components of parents’ pedagogical culture development using a mixed-methods approach. One hundred and eighty-two parents whose children study at secondary schools of Kharkiv were sampled randomly for this study. At the initial stage of the pedagogical experiment, parents were interviewed and subsequently made to fill questionnaires. At this stage, participants had low scores for all indicators. Subsequently, participants were subdivided into experimental and control subgroups. In the experimental subgroup, a methodology for parents’ pedagogical culture development was administered while traditional knowledge on parenting was discussed among the control subgroup. Post-test results following this phase indicated that the experimental subgroup performed better than the control. This study has implications for policy, research and social interventions for parents.

3. Linda Ama Owusuaa Amoah
Co-Infection Alters the Population Dynamics of Infectious Diseases: Mini-Review

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 103-106.

Infectious diseases are of significant health importance to human and animal life. Globally, infectious diseases continue to present a great challenge to health with regard to morbidity and mortality. This review seeks to analyse from existing evidence, the altering role of co-infection on the population dynamics of infectious diseases. This paper has implications for research, policy and clinical interventions.

4. Solomon Kofi Amoah, Anthony Ayim
The Theoretical Approaches of Durkheim, Parsons and Luhmann: Intra-traditional Differences, Interdependencies and Contradictions

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 107-114.

Following an extensive reading of structural functionalism, this paper characterises the theoretical approaches of Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons and Niklas Luhmann within the broad consensus tradition of sociology and provide a critical analysis of their individual differences, interdependencies, theoretical strengths and common flaws.

5. Michael Okyere Asante
Notes on Ergon and Ponos in Plato

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 115-119.

Do the words ‘labour’ and ‘work’ carry the same or different meanings? Can they be used interchangeably, and under what contexts? While we find that in the English language and other European languages, such “etymologically unrelated words” are considered as reflecting the same activity, they could mean different or similar things depending on their contexts. In this brief paper, I show how this is the case in Plato’s use of ergon (work) and ponos (labour).

Letter to the Editorial Office

6. Crenscens Osei Bonsu Ofori, Nana Yaa Asakuma Ansah Boateng, Edith Ekuyea Merley Offei
Employing Psychologist Assistants in Ghana: A Needful Cry

Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education, 2018, 5(3): 120-121.

Psychologist assistants in Ghana are graduates with bachelor’s degrees in psychology who have been registered by the Ghana Psychological Council. They work under professional psychologists to deliver psychological services and are effective in providing basic psychological first aid in many work settings. Though a common practice in countries like the United Kingdom and United States of America to recruit psychologist assistants, not much has been done in Ghana. By recruiting psychologist assistants, it will provide them the opportunity support licensed psychologists in fields such as education, health, business, security and sports. Thereby, providing a source of employment. In addition, this effort will serve as a means to gain relevant work experience for postgraduate training in psychology. This will decrease the unemployment rate of graduates with psychology and advance the discipline of psychology in Ghana.

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